Achieving Marketing Analytics Harmony

The myriad of marketing channels today come with siloed reporting and custom management. Pulling together the disparate sources of data for an analysis is so complex and brittle that it doesn’t happen. See your marketing data in context by combining marketing channel, CRM, transactional and other data. To optimize ROI, you need to see the whole picture. Looker enables modern digital marketers to drive marketing operations and report on performance.


ROI on ad-spend

Looker takes all the data from BigQuery, intelligently understands how to link all the sources together, and gives users the ability to run any type of complex analysis or report across each marketing tool. Finally, it’s possible and much more easy to answer the all important question “What is our marketing ROI”.

Customer lifetime value

Having data from all of your Google apps in one place, joined with data from other sources such as Email and layered with CRM data makes it almost easy to show the effects of a particular campaign.

You can see where you pushed a specific ad or keyword and the sales or traffic increase that came as a result of that effort.

Looker’s direct connection to this data also means there’s no wait or lag time.

Cost per conversion

Move beyond silo-ed datasets with BigQuery Data Transfer and Looker compare performance metrics in real time.

Feature rich platform service

New features and intregrations


See how changes on AdWords, YouTube, Google Analytics, and DoubleClick affect one another


Start exploring the data in your database right away from an intuitive, point-and-click interface


Take action on data right in Looker — anything from updating a budget in Adwords to changing a bid in Facebook.

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